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.: POEM: 3 Islamic Inspirational Poems- 1) Advice To Every Muslim 2) The Power Of Du'a/Suppliaction/Prayer 3) Five Things To Keep In Mind

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Poem 1: Condolence To Every Muslim...
To every Muslim who feels sadness now,
To the Muslims in anguish, and in grief,
I say, just keep praying, to Allah bow,
Bow down to Allah, beg Him for relief.

Allah listens, day and night, He hears all,
He hears even the cries of those in sin,
He sees even the smallest tear that falls,
He knows all the problems that you are in.

Cry, shed your tears, to God you may complain,
Let the wrongdoers laugh, they’ll see their end.
Cry to Allah; He won’t leave you disdained.
Allah e’en ‘fore your birth has been your Friend.

Earth is not a permanent place for smiles,
Know that you were born to face Allah’s tests,
Mainly to worship Him, each day and night,
‘Till Heaven is where we forever rest.

To every Muslim wronged by oppressors,
To every Muslim whose rights were taken,
To each Muslim mistreated by sinners,
To the Muslims whose lives have been hardened,

Be steadfast, trust God, to God always pray,
Every tear you shed may take out your sins,
Know that when all are brought on Judgment Day,
The wrongdoers may be why you will win;

Each day and night they plotted against you,
In return they were cursed and earned your wrongs,
And those who laughed at all that you’ve been through
Had their names listed, in Hell they belong,

Those are the ones who never said ‘sorry’,
Who ne’er even tried to apologize,
Only God Allah knows their destiny,
God shall deal with them; God is the Most Wise.

So Muslims, each day and night talk to Him,
Allah is indeed with the Saabireen,
True Joy can only be found in Heaven,
May Allah have Mercy on us, and may
We be near Allah in Heaven. Ameen.
Poem 2: The Power Of Du'a/Supplication
The Du’a of a Muslim is a treasure,
Did you know that when a Muslim prays for you…
For nice things you’ve done to them, any favor,
What they pray for you will by God’s Will come true.

Acts of kindness you show to a Muslim friend,
When you help a Muslim, even guide his way,
And that Muslim prays for you right there and then,
Allah will listen to whatever they say -

“O’ Allah, he gave me this, so give him too.”
“She stood up for me. Allah, please bless her life.”
“They were great hosts. Allah, bless their wealth and food.”
“He helped a lot! Allah, grant him a good wife.”

Du’as of Muslims for you are blessings, yes -
So much so that du’as can change destiny.
Now when you do something bad to a Muslim,
Their du’as can destroy, on the contrary -

Whether that Muslim is righteous or not so,
So long as you’ve oppressed him/her, they are heard.
So long as they’re Muslims and cry to Allah,
Allah will answer them; God is Just and Near.

If you steal from a Muslim, if you annoy,
If you do things which that Muslim does not like,
If their name and honor you spoil and destroy,
If them you mock, laugh at, lie to, and backbite…

And they turn to Allah, raise their hands and cry,
They supplicate to God, praying against you…
And they pray against you every day and night,
Beware… their bad wishes for you may come true -

Don’t laugh, for if you do, shaytan laughs at you.
The du’as against someone is big indeed…
For once one complains, Allah’s Justice is true.
Every act, good or bad, is just like a seed -

Plant a good seed, it will grow even better.
Plant a bad seed and it will affect your life -
Sins bring forth evil to their evildoers -
Sins you must shun, and to do good you should strive.

So whoever I’ve wronged may Allah forgive,
May Allah forgive me and forgive them too.
One whom Muslims pray against can’t truly live -
Pray for whom you’ve wronged, quit sins you used to do.

Du’as are heard –regardless of who you are,
When Muslims pray for you, ‘tis a blessing, yes.
When Muslims complain to God against you for
Wronging them –compensate, don’t fail Allah’s test.

The du’a… is a very powerful thing -
The du’as of Muslims can change destiny -
When they pray for you or even against you -
Du’as can bring forth chaos or harmony.

So be careful of your deeds, never mistreat,
Don’t bully Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
For when any slave complains to God, the One -
Allah knows how to fix things at the right time.
Poem 3: Five Things To Keep In Mind
Five advice in this poem, O’ Muslim -
From human to human, for Allah’s sake:
One: Be thankful for God’s gifts vast and clear;
Know that many don’t have what you can take.

When it comes to material, worldly things -
Things that cannot come with you to your grave,
Look at those below you and really think,
You’re in a good state in so many ways.

Two: Always put yourself in others’ shoes
The action that you wish to do to them -
Would you let others do that to you too -
To your loved ones would it be a problem?

What they do and say would you do the same
If you were in their place and facing you?
Strive to understand people’s various states -
What you do to some may come back to you.

Three: When God gives you talent, use it well -
Your skills and means –use them to save others.
Yes, Earth can be a better place to dwell
If all showed mercy to one another.

If God gave you so much of many things,
Then for His sake share them with those in need.
If you can’t help, yet have good intention,
Your good du’as for them may even feed.

Four: Don’t walk on earth boasting with cursed pride
To hurt those whom you think are inferior.
We’re servants made to worship day and night –
Worship God, the King and the Creator.

Don’t show off what does not belong to you,
Don’t flaunt the things which you don’t truly own,
Don’t brag to hurt those who are close to you -
Proud braggarts may have to call Hell their home.

Five: Avoid the bad kind of pride despised -
The pride which prevents you from believing,
The pride that forces you to even lie,
And leaves you lost and far condescending -

The pride that makes you hate high forgiveness
And makes you deem that you are free of flaws.
Good pride… is when you’re proud you are Muslim,
And as a Muslim, you always stand tall.

You’re proud that you’re among Allah’s close friends,
Proud in obeying God each night and day,
Proud that you can stay away from vile sins,
Proud that you’re not with those who are astray.

P.S. One more note: Remember ‘Niyyah’.
Our actions are judged by their intentions.
Do good deeds just for the sake of Allah.
Behind all acts must be a good reason.

So five things if all have then… peace on earth:
Faith, humbleness, and sweet understanding,
Love of God, who should always be the First -
And hope that Heaven’s where you shall land in.

Wasalaam :)


Sunday, 2 June 2013

.: NOTE: Welcome Message/Poetry To New Students & Staff At WISHES Islamic School

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘alaikum to everyone today,
welcome to WISHES Islamic School!
What you are about to watch is a video
to welcome you and inform you of our rules.

To every new student and teacher attending today,
welcome – we pray that Allah will bless your stay.
Smile, keep calm, and know that seeking knowledge
can keep you steadfast and strong along Allah’s Way.

To our students and teachers who chose to continue with us,
may Allah make you among the successful on Judgment Day.
May Allah enable you to do better this school year,
and may all of us learn from our past mistakes.


Wisdom International School For Higher Education Studies
Is your school where you get to learn more about Islam,
memorize many chapters from the Noble Qur’an,
and the Arabic language be able to understand.

Wisdom International School For Higher Education Studies
Is the school where English and Arabic are to be taught,
where everyone must treat one another with respect,
where you and your friends will inshaAllah learn a lot.

WISHES is a school for those who sincerely wish
to become better Muslims, for those who wish to learn
in an Islamic environment, for those who wish to please Allah,
and for those Muslims who wish to be welcome in Heaven.

WISHES is also for those who prefer to study in English,
and who believe that having good manners is a must,
As a student and teacher of WISHES,
stick to our school rules, and we can earn your trust.

First off, the dos and don’ts of teaching at WISHES school:
Teach for Allah’s sake, teach with pride and enjoyment,
come to class on time, teach in the English language,
make your students say their du’as before you start every lesson.

Teachers, don’t end your classes without saying the du’a
to be said before ending every meeting.
Don’t speak in your mother tongue in classes
where only English must be spoken.

Don’t waste your students’ time in class
only sitting, simply sleeping or chit-chatting.
Don’t be passive at school or elsewhere, as a Muslim.
Don’t ever miss any parent-teacher meeting.

Moving on to the dos and don’ts of every student:
Students, yes, you must be at school by seven thirty.
Be present in all your classes, with your mind and your body.
Ask questions, listen, study well and your exams shall be easy.

At WISHES there should be no fighting,
no bullying, no pushing, no hitting, and no stealing,
no eating in classrooms, drinking –okay, but no spilling,
no listening to love songs, no music, no boys and girls mixing,

no lying, no bad manners, and no disrespecting.
Know that English and Arabic should be mainly spoken.
No writing on desks, no rocking chairs, no graffiti,
no leaving unused lights and fans switched on, no leaving water taps open.

No picking leaves, no littering, no shouting unnecessarily,
no damaging nor drawing on any school property.
Know that Allah will judge you on Judgment Day.
Thus, for your actions and sayings, take responsibility.

Now for the dress code at WISHES school:
male students must wear a shirt that’s color pistachio green –
with their school logos on, black pants, tidy hair,
trim fingernails and no jewelry, they must always look clean.

Female students can choose between wearing a plain black abaayah or the school girls’ uniform that’s forest green.
Girls, the hijab you wear to WISHES must be black, white or green,
no nail polish, no long nails, and no heavy make-up –to look clean.  

A brief intro now to your school administrators:
If you have any concerns, students and teachers, feel free-
to express your opinions, give some suggestions, send a message,
to any of us in the WISHES admin –for we are like one big family.

Dr. Omar M. –the President and Founder of WISHES school–
completed his PhD at the University of Westminster in London.
MashaAllah. He has traveled across the world for educational reasons.
As an economist who worked at a big Saudi company,
Dr. Omar can give you some interesting business lessons.

Dr. Norlain D. is the Managing Director and School Principal of WISHES school,
who –like her husband Dr. Omar- has written many books about Islam.
MashaAllah. Why she has established WISHES is not for show
nor for fame, not to harm anyone, but to share her knowledge of Islam,
for Allah’s sake, and out of love for the Prophet Muhammad and the Qur’an.

Ahmad M. –Vice Principal of WISHES school-
is the eloquent Khateeb/lecturer of the masjid here,
MashaAllah. Allah has blessed him with the skill to speak.
Be sure to pray the Jumu’ah salah with him, every Friday –
and listen to his inspiring lectures that are well delivered and clear.

Abdur-Rahman M. is the School Supervisor of WISHES-
his hobbies include playing soccer and freestyling.
MashaAllah. His job, as Supervisor, includes assisting the principal,
making sure that everyone at school is doing their job,
and that there’s no lying, no breaking school rules and no fighting.

Mariam M. is the female School Supervisor of WISHES,
who ensures that female teachers and students only do what is right.
MashaAllah. Like her brothers Ahmad and Abdu, she was a top student,
who appreciates art, poetry, good morals and Islamic insight.
As co-supervisor, she also makes sure that at school there are no fights.

Reihana Hadji Ali –the School Registrar of WISHES-
is our accountant who assists in taking care of student fees.
MashaAllah. With her gentle and easygoing personality,
she welcomes enrollees to WISHES so pleasantly,
also monitoring students and staff in the school canteen.

So those are the admin of WISHES school.
Again, if something concerns you, send your message to any of them.
In order to please Allah and be among His friends,
always help one another to become better Muslims.

Purify your intentions before doing any good deed.
Make your time at WISHES and elsewhere for Allah’s sake alone.
Never teach nor learn anything for selfish motives –
always know that the good deeds we do, like praying, learning and teaching,
can be the causes for Allah to welcome us in Heaven, our eternal Home.

May Allah bless the admins and teachers of WISHES –
for their generosity in sharing their knowledge that Allah gave.
May Allah reward us for the good deeds we do
and evil deeds we avoid, solely for Allah’s sake.

May Allah bless all the students of WISHES,
and may Allah bless their parents and guardians too –
for supporting one another in becoming better Muslims. Ameen.
Students, teachers, and parents – all of you…
Welcome to Wisdom International School.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

.: ADVICE: "Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together?" (On Friendship Compatibility)

Allah, the Almighty, said in the Noble Qur'an:
"The Believers (true Muslim) men and women, are supporters of one another: they enjoin what is just/right (good deeds), and forbid what is evil: they observe the prayers, practice regular charity, and obey Allah and His Messenger (SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam). On them will Allah pour His mercy: for Allah is Exalted in power, Wise." [Qur'an: Surat At-Tawbah Verse 71]

"Birds of a feather flock together." People who share the same interests, likes and dislikes, qualities, personality, habits, motives, aims and goals in life are likely to become the best of friends.

"I am a Muslim; while I maintain my good manners and Islamic personality, I would never be stupid enough to be close friends with a hypocrite or a stubborn evildoer. To be close friends with someone means spending much time with them, sharing your thoughts, plans and dreams with them, exchanging secrets, including them in your du'as/prayers and constantly helping one another. A wise Muslim would never be close friends with a hypocrite (who is very much like or is an unbeliever.) who in reality works against us Muslims." Allah knows best.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

.: Audio Poetry: Poem Against Bullying, Lying, Jealousy & Gossip

Allah knows best. Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, said, "Whoever has done an injustice to his brother in respect to his honor or anything else should seek to be absolved by him before the Day when there will be neither dinar nor dirham. If he has good deeds, they will be taken from him to counterbalance the injustice he did, and if he does not have any good deed, some of the bad actions of his friend will be taken and will be transferred to his (the wrongdoer’s) account."


Poem: "Let Them Say, And They Shall See"

Let them say what they wish behind our backs,
Let them lie, let them laugh, let them whisper.
What they say about us are naught but trash –
From minds where foolish thoughts always linger.

Let them speak. On Judgment Day they shall see
The results of their sins they committed –
Against themselves, and against you, and me –
Some of their good deeds may be rejected,

Or transferred to our account of good deeds –
Hence, for the oppressed that would be a gain,
Donated by those who are most in need
Of good actions to erase what they claimed.

So if some mention you in a bad way
While you’ve never done them any wrong per se,
Believe that they’re Just Jealous of you, and know…
Their vile speech and lies may shock them on Judgment Day.

Advice to all including myself:
If you’ve done anything wrong to a person and what you did wasn’t right or just, ask for that Muslim’s forgiveness now before he/she might take from your good deeds on the Day of Judgment or you carry some or all of their sins. If you can’t apologize at least pray that Allah will forgive the both of you and include them in your du’as/prayers.


[Wisdom International School
For Higher Education Studies]


.: Audio Poetry: What Makes A True Friend? (Rhyming Poem)


Poem: What Makes A True Friend?

What are the qualities that a friend should
have -- that which would make a true friend so true?
A friend is one whom you like to be with
while a true friend insists on being with you.

A friend likes you when you have so much in
common. True friends like you for who you are.
True friends make you feel as though they are at
all times near, although they are very far.

A true friend is one whom you can always
talk to, even at night when it is late -
when loved ones are asleep, a true friend is
always there to hear what you have to say.

Friends like to share, but a true friend always
gives you -- not what you want, but what you need.
The feelings you hide, as well as your thoughts,
and your dreams, a true friend can always read.

A friend may forgive you or they may not
forgive, for something wrong you've done to them.
A true friend forgives even when you don't
ask. True friends forgive - again and again.

Friends are close when you are close to them. A
true friend wants your friendship to be closer.
A true friend does what is best for you, and
would hate that you end up as a loser.

A true friend teaches you lessons to help
you grow -- lessons that are hard and easy.
A true friend is always there - having a
true friend can never make you feel lonely.

Friends may sometimes make mistakes, but a true
friend is always careful not to hurt you.
A true friend is a guide and a teacher.
A true friend knows everything you go through.

The true friend I mention is our God,
who kept you company before you were born.
The friendship of God, if you truly keep
and cherish, will never make you forlorn.

The true friend we all need is God (Allah) --
the One who guides and can teach us lessons,
the One who hears our calls and understands,
the One always near -- in every season --

Allah, as a Friend, never judges us
by the way we look and how we appear.
Allah, as a Guide, if we ask Him for
guidance, He guides us and makes our paths clear.

Allah is with us -- each day and each night --
He is always there when all are asleep.
Allah always listens when others don't.
He gives you comfort when He sees you weep.

Fortunate are those who have Allah as
a Friend. Friendship with God is friendship true.
May Allah bless me with His Friendship and
May Allah's Friendship be shared with you too.

By Sister Maryam/Mariam
مريم عمر مابابايا

[Wisdom International School
For Higher Education Studies]

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

.: Audio Poetry: SubhanAllah. Glory Be To Allah.


POEM: Glory Be to Just One God

SubhanAllah -- Glory be to Allah --
Glory be to Allah who created --
The lands, the mountains, and flowing rivers,
The skies and planets He decorated.

Glory be to Allah who made the moon,
Shine at night and change to many phases.
SubhanAllah -- God's signs are in us too --
Humans with various heights, looks and voices.

SubhanAllah -- see how God made us all,
And all the things that surround us on earth --
From tiny atoms to high waterfalls,
And feelings of creatures like fear and mirth.

Glory be to Allah who owns all Glory --
SubhanAllah -- how God made you and me.

Written by Sister Mariam (http://muslimarvels.tumblr.com)
مريم عمر مابابايا

May Allah the Most Merciful accept our good deeds. Ameen.

Wasalaam :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

.: ADVICE: What To Say Before Riding Or Driving A Car And Other Means Of Transportation


Always remember Allah wherever you are.

 Before riding or driving a car, bus, van, bicycle, boat or any means of transportation, always say this du'a/supplication to follow the Sunnah/tradition of the Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam:

SubhaanAl-Ladhee sakh-khara-lana haadha wa maa kunnaa Lahu muqrineen,
wa innaa ilaa Rabbinaa la munqaliboon.
Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.
SubhaanakAllahumma innee dhalamtu nafsee faghfirlee,
fa innahu laa yaghfirudh dhunooba illaaAnt."

and Allah knows best. May Allah the Most Merciful accept all our good deeds and make us among those Muslims whom He will be pleased to welcome in Heaven. Ameen.

مدرسة الحكمة العالمية بالفلبّين
WISDOM (Wisdom International School For Higher Education Studies) School


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