Tuesday, 15 April 2014

.: POEM: 3 Islamic Inspirational Poems- 1) Advice To Every Muslim 2) The Power Of Du'a/Suppliaction/Prayer 3) Five Things To Keep In Mind

In the Name of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Poem 1: Condolence To Every Muslim...
To every Muslim who feels sadness now,
To the Muslims in anguish, and in grief,
I say, just keep praying, to Allah bow,
Bow down to Allah, beg Him for relief.

Allah listens, day and night, He hears all,
He hears even the cries of those in sin,
He sees even the smallest tear that falls,
He knows all the problems that you are in.

Cry, shed your tears, to God you may complain,
Let the wrongdoers laugh, they’ll see their end.
Cry to Allah; He won’t leave you disdained.
Allah e’en ‘fore your birth has been your Friend.

Earth is not a permanent place for smiles,
Know that you were born to face Allah’s tests,
Mainly to worship Him, each day and night,
‘Till Heaven is where we forever rest.

To every Muslim wronged by oppressors,
To every Muslim whose rights were taken,
To each Muslim mistreated by sinners,
To the Muslims whose lives have been hardened,

Be steadfast, trust God, to God always pray,
Every tear you shed may take out your sins,
Know that when all are brought on Judgment Day,
The wrongdoers may be why you will win;

Each day and night they plotted against you,
In return they were cursed and earned your wrongs,
And those who laughed at all that you’ve been through
Had their names listed, in Hell they belong,

Those are the ones who never said ‘sorry’,
Who ne’er even tried to apologize,
Only God Allah knows their destiny,
God shall deal with them; God is the Most Wise.

So Muslims, each day and night talk to Him,
Allah is indeed with the Saabireen,
True Joy can only be found in Heaven,
May Allah have Mercy on us, and may
We be near Allah in Heaven. Ameen.
Poem 2: The Power Of Du'a/Supplication
The Du’a of a Muslim is a treasure,
Did you know that when a Muslim prays for you…
For nice things you’ve done to them, any favor,
What they pray for you will by God’s Will come true.

Acts of kindness you show to a Muslim friend,
When you help a Muslim, even guide his way,
And that Muslim prays for you right there and then,
Allah will listen to whatever they say -

“O’ Allah, he gave me this, so give him too.”
“She stood up for me. Allah, please bless her life.”
“They were great hosts. Allah, bless their wealth and food.”
“He helped a lot! Allah, grant him a good wife.”

Du’as of Muslims for you are blessings, yes -
So much so that du’as can change destiny.
Now when you do something bad to a Muslim,
Their du’as can destroy, on the contrary -

Whether that Muslim is righteous or not so,
So long as you’ve oppressed him/her, they are heard.
So long as they’re Muslims and cry to Allah,
Allah will answer them; God is Just and Near.

If you steal from a Muslim, if you annoy,
If you do things which that Muslim does not like,
If their name and honor you spoil and destroy,
If them you mock, laugh at, lie to, and backbite…

And they turn to Allah, raise their hands and cry,
They supplicate to God, praying against you…
And they pray against you every day and night,
Beware… their bad wishes for you may come true -

Don’t laugh, for if you do, shaytan laughs at you.
The du’as against someone is big indeed…
For once one complains, Allah’s Justice is true.
Every act, good or bad, is just like a seed -

Plant a good seed, it will grow even better.
Plant a bad seed and it will affect your life -
Sins bring forth evil to their evildoers -
Sins you must shun, and to do good you should strive.

So whoever I’ve wronged may Allah forgive,
May Allah forgive me and forgive them too.
One whom Muslims pray against can’t truly live -
Pray for whom you’ve wronged, quit sins you used to do.

Du’as are heard –regardless of who you are,
When Muslims pray for you, ‘tis a blessing, yes.
When Muslims complain to God against you for
Wronging them –compensate, don’t fail Allah’s test.

The du’a… is a very powerful thing -
The du’as of Muslims can change destiny -
When they pray for you or even against you -
Du’as can bring forth chaos or harmony.

So be careful of your deeds, never mistreat,
Don’t bully Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
For when any slave complains to God, the One -
Allah knows how to fix things at the right time.
Poem 3: Five Things To Keep In Mind
Five advice in this poem, O’ Muslim -
From human to human, for Allah’s sake:
One: Be thankful for God’s gifts vast and clear;
Know that many don’t have what you can take.

When it comes to material, worldly things -
Things that cannot come with you to your grave,
Look at those below you and really think,
You’re in a good state in so many ways.

Two: Always put yourself in others’ shoes
The action that you wish to do to them -
Would you let others do that to you too -
To your loved ones would it be a problem?

What they do and say would you do the same
If you were in their place and facing you?
Strive to understand people’s various states -
What you do to some may come back to you.

Three: When God gives you talent, use it well -
Your skills and means –use them to save others.
Yes, Earth can be a better place to dwell
If all showed mercy to one another.

If God gave you so much of many things,
Then for His sake share them with those in need.
If you can’t help, yet have good intention,
Your good du’as for them may even feed.

Four: Don’t walk on earth boasting with cursed pride
To hurt those whom you think are inferior.
We’re servants made to worship day and night –
Worship God, the King and the Creator.

Don’t show off what does not belong to you,
Don’t flaunt the things which you don’t truly own,
Don’t brag to hurt those who are close to you -
Proud braggarts may have to call Hell their home.

Five: Avoid the bad kind of pride despised -
The pride which prevents you from believing,
The pride that forces you to even lie,
And leaves you lost and far condescending -

The pride that makes you hate high forgiveness
And makes you deem that you are free of flaws.
Good pride… is when you’re proud you are Muslim,
And as a Muslim, you always stand tall.

You’re proud that you’re among Allah’s close friends,
Proud in obeying God each night and day,
Proud that you can stay away from vile sins,
Proud that you’re not with those who are astray.

P.S. One more note: Remember ‘Niyyah’.
Our actions are judged by their intentions.
Do good deeds just for the sake of Allah.
Behind all acts must be a good reason.

So five things if all have then… peace on earth:
Faith, humbleness, and sweet understanding,
Love of God, who should always be the First -
And hope that Heaven’s where you shall land in.

Wasalaam :)